Step by Step How to Make Bokashi Juice

Beforehand, I wrote how to make bokashi compost that result solid substance compost. Now, using the similar concept of composting, you will watch how to make bokashi that result liquid substance. This kind of bokashi is also popular as bokashi juice – organic liquid compost. Bokashi juice is also rich-nutrient compost that consists of macronutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium) element and other micronutrients like chlorine, iron, zinc, boron as well as manganese that ready to feed to the plants or to reconstruct the soil condition.

Now you see that there are many home industries selling bokashi juice in package. Modern DIY enthusiast, home gardeners and indoor planting hobbyists already turn into greener small gardening and use bokashi juice as their main fertilizer in addition to the synthetic one. Kale, spinach, salad are example of perfect object to plant everywhere around the house like nearing the windows, on the patio or backyard.

Here you then, if bokashi juice is sound interesting to you for your new organic mainstay, stay tuned!

I see world is now filled by the concept of making bokashi juice using kitchen waste. That’s amazing, but I don’t agree at all as there are many ways yielding bokashi juice compost in addition of using kitchen waste. Now, you can think about backyard raising kitchen, birdcage, and your neighbor horse stable. All of them are the places where you catch the ideas on making bokashi juice. The mater is how good you turn such of organic waste into juice compost.

The Help of Microbes in the Effective Microorganism

Using the similar concept of what I explained here, it is easy to turn organic garbage into something smell good and rich-nutrient liquid. You are free to use any of EM formula in this case. Look at the example of small study below:

  • Pick up several animal waste from your chicken coop/henhouse
  • Place it into tumbler
  • Add some water + microbes (Effective Microorganism)
  • Cover it with plastic tightly and wait for couple week
  • The process of composting will slowly begin
  • Once the waste decayed you can use it as an organic fertilizer

Because EM is available in liquid substance and solid substance, later you can choose which one is right for you.

Bokashi Bucket the Specialist of Kitchen Waste

In the modern space people looking more practical way to make compost. Kitchen waste is really rich-nutrient source of compost. Everybody has kitchen and it produce waste every day. Luckily, the wastes are easy to convert into bokashi juice as they are more frequently have damp characteristics like damp tissue, egg, cooked fish, fruits, and vegetables.

To make them easier, you need to purchase bokashi kitchen bucket that cost from $50 to $100. Fill the bucket with the waste and add EM formula on each layer after you fill it. Wait until the process of decomposing accomplished, and you can simply get the juice buy opening the tap. In many cases, this process doesn’t completely ferment all the waste and give you the remnant. This remnant sometime called by ‘bokashi waste’. You can simply burry the bokashi waste and mix them again with EM to enrich the soil in your garden.


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